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World Sleep Day: Top products for boosting beauty sleep

When: 15 Sep 2021

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We all know getting enough sleep is imperative for physical and emotional wellbeing.

But as the body repairs itself as we get forty winks each night, sleep plays a critical function in anti-ageing, wound healing, and the health of the complexion too.

Whether you are seeking brighter skin, extra hydration, or just a bit of indulgence, we’ve scouted out a range of products that bring a new meaning to the term “beauty sleep”.

Here are some of our favourite new night products to hit the market in time for World Sleep Day on 17 March.

Mavala’s Skin Vitality Sleeping Mask Baby Skin Radiance

Formulated with glycolic acid and Swiss apricot extract, this brightening face mask works overnight to smooth and offer up a healthy glow. Apply a thin layer onto a clean face and neck every night, or use it as a classic rinse-off mask for cleansed and hydrated skin in mere minutes. A beauty kit staple!

Skin Proud’s Sleep Defence

The best leave-on face masks hydrate and smooth while you snooze. Skin Proud’s Sleep Defence is formulated with kombucha to help combat redness and niacinamide to quench a thirsty complexion. To use as a sleep mask, apply a light layer across the entire face as the last step of your evening skincare regime.

PLANTOPIA’s Moonlight Slumber Soak & Scrub

A bath is a great way to unwind and relax before bedtime. But to really enhance the experience, why not try a soothing scrub to the mix? Formulated with ashwagandha and sandalwood, this dual-purpose treatment can be used as a gentle skin polish to lift away dead skin cells as well as to cleanse and refresh the skin.

Sensory Retreats’ Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks

For those in desperate need of some peace and quiet, Sensory Retreats’ eye masks are ideal for creating a spa-like experience at home. Infused with calming lavender essence, these masks warm up within a few minutes of wearing, with the sensation lasting for around 25 minutes. They can be used all night as a blackout mask for anyone who really struggles with getting enough shut-eye or can be incorporated into a meditation practice.

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