Wut the wut: ‘Breaking Bad’ does ‘Empire Strikes Back’?
Bradley Traynor

Wut the wut: ‘Breaking Bad’ does ‘Empire Strikes Back’?

It’s true! “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul will play Luke Skywalker Thursday night during a one-night-only live read of “The Empire Strikes Back” as directed by Jason Reitman.

Did I miss something? Is this a movie? A play? What’s going on.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the live reading is “part of an ongoing series of live performances of movie scripts Reitman stages each month at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, bringing in new actors to create a kind of cover version of beloved films.”

How cool is that?

Unfortunately, those of us not in L.A. are out of luck.

Maybe we can get them to take the show on the road?



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