Oh Snap: Demi Lovato responds to tattoo artist
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Oh Snap: Demi Lovato responds to tattoo artist

Demi Lovato has apologized to a tattoo artist who publicly slated her.

The 22-year-old singer recently revealed she had some body art covered up that went wrong and looked like a “vagina.”

Ashley McMullen, the woman behind the needle work, took to Instagram, where she berated Demi for not paying for the tattoo or crediting her art. She also made comments about the singer, who suffered with drug and alcohol issues in the past, being inebriated at the time.

“Dear Ashley McMullen, I wasn’t going to acknowledge your bitter Instagram comments but since your side of the story has picked up some headlines, I would like to share my thoughts and send you a proper apology,” Demi responded.

She added that she doesn’t remember Ashley or getting tattooed by her because she was drunk and reprimanded her for agreeing to work on a girl who was that inebriated.

“I also wouldn’t be admitting to the fact that you tattooed a very intoxicated 18 year old on a tour bus without the proper judgment that most legit tattoo artists have of saying “Hmm… This underage kid is wasted, maybe I shouldn’t permanently ink a hot pink kiss mark on this girl’s wrist….? Oh well… **** it, she’s famous.”

Demi added that she won’t try and blame Ashley for the tattoo, she takes full responsibility, but that Ashley should “#justputitonmytab.”

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