You go Rosie O
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You go Rosie O

This is a difficult subject to talk about, a difficult subject to write about.

Even the ladies of “The View” thought so, as evidenced by Whoopi Goldberg, Nicole Wallace, Rosie Perez and Rosie O’Donnell attempts to discuss the fate of Bill Cosby on Thursday.

The conversation went in a surprising direction, with Perez bringing up the influence of social media on celebrity assault allegations, Wallace declaring the situation “unknowable,” and Goldberg primarily remaining silent, before comparing Cosby’s allegations to those of Tiger Woods and Paula Deen.

My response to Goldberg would have been the same as O’Donnell’s: “I think there’s a big difference between a rape allegation and Paula using the N-word.”

Yes, Whoopi, saying the N-word is wrong and it is a public allegation against a celebrity. No, Whoopi, saying the N-word does not involve sexually assaulting 16 women (and getting away with it).

The conversation progressed, O’Donnell bringing up that there are 13 women (there are no actually 16), and that they have nothing to gain from accusing Bill Cosby, something Goldberg seemed to disagree with (O’Donnell: “[the women] woke up and said I want to ruin Bill Cosby?” Goldberg: “Maybe.”).

Bottom line, O’Donnell was the only one who honestly wanted to broach the subject of Bill Cosby’s innocence. She is also the only that believes he is guilty.

I can’t believe Rosie was alone on this one. I find it irresponsible on the part of Goldberg, Wallace and Perez, as top female thought leaders in this country, not to discuss the allegations against Bill Crosby openly and honestly. As Julia put it on Lori & Julia on Thursday, “Not even women believe women.”

“[Goldberg, Wallace and Perez] highlighted why women don’t come forward [when they’re raped],” Lori said.

Thank God for Rosie O.

The following are a few of the tweets that showed up on O’Donnell’s Twitter account following the show:

Watch the clips of the conversation below, and take a listen to the third segment of Lori & Julia’s Hour 2 podcast from Thursday, where they did an amazing job discussing both Wendy Williams’ and “The View’s” coverage of the Cosby scandal.




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