You must hear Lauryn Hill’s acoustic version of “Doo Wop”
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You must hear Lauryn Hill’s acoustic version of “Doo Wop”

Ahhh, the good ole days of Lauryn Hill.

I will never forget watching this scene from “Sister Act 2” on VHS in my laundry room over and over and over again:

And I’ll never forget listening to the “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” Hill’s debut solo album garnering five Grammys, over and over and over again.


I still listen to the album, but since those days, Hill has been a little bit of a disappearing act. She has played shows, but shown up for them late, or, upon arriving late or even on time, has shown up and played classic songs in a way that’s unrecognizable to her fans.

She once again was just unable to make it to a show in Lagos, Nigeria due to “travel contraints,” but this time she did something a little different.

She filmed an apology and a promise to get there as soon as she could, and then she sang an acoustic version of her song “Doo Wop,” accompanied by her crew.

And guess what it sounds like? “Doo Wop.”

Though the people in Lagos might still be disappointed, I have to say, this might be the best thing Hill has done to prove to her fanbase that she is doing well and is still able to perform the songs that made her a star.

Now if only she could create some more.

For now, enjoy:




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