Your funny Amy Schumer moments of the day
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Your funny Amy Schumer moments of the day

Amy Schumer

Yes yes yes, Amy Schumer is white hot right now, but for good reason! She is so freaking funny, and we CANNOT wait to see her new movie Trainwreck, hitting theaters July 17.

Her first funny moment of the day is this bit of her fake-auditioning for the Real Housewives franchise:

“I’m Amy, and I may look like a whore, but I am.” I can’t.

Secondly, check out this video of Amy during a cover shoot for Glamour magazine, onto which she has added a hilarious narration about how she was actually feeling throughout the experience:

Have you ever had something you dreamed of doing not turn out how you thought it would? I asked Tam that question this morning. Her response?

“Life! This whole thing?!!?” LOL

Make sure to get on the bandwagon to go see her movie Trainwreck!




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