Zactober 10, 2017: Zac collects balls!
Colleen Lindstrom

Zactober 10, 2017: Zac collects balls!

We’re celebrating 31 days of our favorite Hollywood hunk Zac Efron all ZACTOBER long. Each day we share a ZAC FACT, hoping at some point Zac will call our show.


His most prized possession is his autographed baseball collection.

Well, great news, Zac! We have a new ball to add to your collection! We know how much you love your autographed balls, and though we suspect that these balls are autographed by your favorite baseball players, we thought we’d shake it up a little bit!

Can we interest you in a ball signed by two radio hosts who think balk is the sound a chicken makes, and bunt is a special cake pan? I bet nobody has an actual baseball signed by two total nobodies who haven’t played baseball since gym class where they were picked last! That’s gotta be worth something? Right?



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