Zactober 19, 2017: Groupies for ‘Goonies’!
Bradley Traynor

Zactober 19, 2017: Groupies for ‘Goonies’!

We’re celebrating 31 days of our favorite Hollywood hunk Zac Efron all ZACTOBER long. Each day we share a ZAC FACT, hoping at some point Zac will call our show (651-641-1071).


Zac’s favorite movie is The Goonies. (Source)

OMG WE TOTES LOVE THE GOONIES TOO, ZAC!? As fellow kids in the 80s (even though you were negative two years old when the film came out and we saw it in the damn theater), nothing inspires a sense of adventure like searching for buried treasure or fear like a dome-headed ogre named Sloth (who loves Baby Ruths).

Just like the movie, #TeamCoBra always says, “Goonies never say die!”

And to aid Zac in his discovery of me and Colleen, I’ve created a treasure map! FIND US, ZAC!

Hey, Zac, if you’re reading this, call us at 651-641-1071 between noon and 3 p.m. CST!



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