Zactober 20, 2017: The Pianist
Colleen Lindstrom

Zactober 20, 2017: The Pianist

We’re celebrating 31 days of our favorite Hollywood hunk Zac Efron all ZACTOBER long. Each day we share a ZAC FACT, hoping at some point Zac will call our show (651-641-1071).


Zac can play the piano. The first song he learned was “Heart and Soul.”

OMG!!!! I PLAY PIANO TOO! And the best part of Heart and Soul is that you need at LEAST 2 people. And Bradley can sing, so we can teach him the words, and we have a whole performance! But we can’t do that, Zac, unless you call us. Just in case you think I’m lying, here’s proof that I play piano. 

Don’t laugh, Zac. Just call…

Hey, Zac, if you’re reading this, call us at 651-641-1071 between noon and 3 p.m. CST!



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