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Zandra Rhodes predicts pandemic will spark ‘outburst of talent’

13th Annual Bafta/la Britannia Awards
Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes believes the Covid-19 pandemic will unleash “an amazing outburst of talent” in the fashion world.

The 80-year-old fashion icon has lived through many historical events, but Zandra believes the global impact of lockdown living will alter us forever.

“I could only compare it to something like the Black Death in the Middle Ages when people had to hide away and not move around,” she said in an interview with WWD, before predicting “an amazing outburst of talent because everyone’s going to be set free.”

The pink-haired designer, who has created garments for stars including Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury, relied on accessories and cosmetics to get her through the global health crisis and insisted taking time over her appearance is vitally important to her.

“I never give up wearing jewellery or make-up,” she said of her pandemic experience. “I always dress up – I think it’s one’s face to the world. The minute you stop caring about your face to the world, it’s rather distressing.”

Zandra is reprising her role as guest host of the Museum of Arts and Design’s annual MAD About Jewellery event, which puts the spotlight on artist-made pieces.

As part of her duties, the star has been digitally cataloguing pieces from her archive and will join virtual meetings to support jewellery craftspeople.

Zandra hopes the pandemic will encourage people to be more environmentally conscious about their fashion purchases, and shift the focus from disposable buys to investment pieces.

“I think, worldwide, people have got to change in some sort of manner,” she said. “We can’t keep using the world’s resources. Maybe people are more caring with what they buy and treasure. It can’t be that we always have new, new, new. We can have additions and maybe make something we’ve already got feel newer.”

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