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Zoe Kravitz undertakes 30-day wellness cleanse each year

The EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) 2020
Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz commits to a month-long wellness cleanse each year.

The Big Little Lies star has opened up about her daily routine in a new video for, and while discussing her go-to skincare products, revealed that she and her actress mother Lisa Bonet regularly challenge themselves to overhaul their diets.

“Speaking of internal wellness, me and my mother, every year, we try and do the Dr. Schulze 30-day cleanse together. It’s a 30-day cleanse that focuses on all of your different organs, your bowel, your liver, your kidneys, gallbladder, and then bowel again,” she explained. “It’s just a nice thing, to reset your body every now and again. If you don’t do that cleanse, it’s fine, I just think taking like a week and eating raw and natural foods is a great way to let your body relax because it’s constantly working to process everything we’re putting in it. So, it’s nice to give your guts a vacation.”

There Are No Incurable Diseases: Dr. Richard Schulze’s 30-Day Intensive Cleansing and Detoxification Program was first published in 1999 and promotes a “strong, detoxifying flush” that eliminates “toxic build-up” and boosts the immune system.

In addition, Zoe noted that she tries to use products containing natural and organic ingredients wherever possible, and recently switched to using Milk + Honey’s Cream Deodorant.

“I’ve been on quite a journey with natural deodorants in general because a lot of them don’t work but I don’t want to put aluminium near my lymph nodes and breasts,” the 32-year-old stated. “(It’s) really, really bad for us, so I’ve been trying to use natural deodorants and this is one of the first ones that works, it truly works and lasts all day, and smells delicious.”

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