Zootopia tops the box office!
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Zootopia tops the box office!

Jason and I were not the only ones who saw Zootopia over the weekend!

Zootopia’s $73.7 million opening weekend box office debut makes it the best ever opening for Disney animation!

Prior to the release of Zootopia, Disney’s animated superhero feature Big Hero 6 held the three-day record.

I took the kids to see the movie and like almost every movie we see in the theater, the kids loved it!

I love that the main character, Judy Hops, is not only the underdog, but also a girl!

Jason Bateman voiced the Fox, and he was great!

The message was simple. Follow your dreams and don’t label or judge until you know the whole truth!

Jason loved it too! Wow, we actually agree on something!

He too loved the message, but also the jokes that were obviously meant for the adults. There was a Breaking Bad nugget that went over the kids heads, but Jason LOVED it!

I have a feeling this movie will continue to do well at the box office for a couple more weeks!





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